individual growth


The Constellation Method tm

A sea change in change methods

Working one-to-one in a simple process, we discover the hidden dynamics that block progress. Sometimes profound shifts happen and people find the world opening up to them in new and surprising ways. 


On our journey toward wholeness, we learn what matters most in ourselves and others.


We take our place and stand in our strength.

Only then can truly productive partnerships form and organizations thrive.


The right place is never given, it is taken.

Bert Hellinger

Organization development 


Leader development

Leaders set the course for the culture, influencing everything that follows. Sometimes the weight of responsibility is too great to carry in a sound way.


Using leading edge approaches, including the constellation method, we help you connect with your natural inheritance of strength and belonging, and clear invisible blocks. Profound results are possible. 



Culture is a powerful teacher. It shows people how to think, feel and act. Cultures can be difficult, draining and harmful or uplifting and inspiring.


We can help you create the kind of healthy, productive workplace that people are drawn to and that leads to great outcomes. Knowing the key levers for change gives you a powerful head start.


It is possible to make sound judgments as you plan for the future, but it isn't easy. The key is awareness.


We can help you gain insight into the decisions you're facing. When you can see and deal with the hidden dynamics that could derail progress, you have a profound, game-changing advantage.